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Himachal Pradesh has its unique cultural tradition. Geographically it consists of the areas both plain and hilly and different environmental conditions. It has the tribal area of Kinnaur, Lahaul Spiti, Bharmaur and Pangi, and some. Whereas, some of the parts attached to the plains of Punjab, Haryana and the hilly part of Uttranchal and Jammu and Kashmir have their own folk cultural traditions. Folk musical instruments, varied types of rich and colorful dresses, textiles, jewellery, costumes and brocades, objects representing living habits are displayed in the Anthropological gallery. These arte-facts have grown out of the long epochs of peace reigning in these valleys and also of chivalry and heroism and princely patronage on various aspects of arts and crafts. The embroidered patterns on the textiles, the woven designs on the shawls, delicate carvings on wood, the artistic designs on ornaments all bear an imprint of the traditions of people and their creative impulse.