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Museum has a very rich collection of sculptures. These sculptures not only serve the religious purpose of the people of that period but also reflect their spirit, tradition and creative impulse.  Sculpture up to the 5th-6th century are not many in Himachal but the period thereafter is well-represented. These sculptures are characterized by smooth plasticity, serene countenance and suave linear rhythm.  Gurjara-Pratihara influence entered in this hilly Himalayan region during the 7th -8th century and is responsible for production of many master specimens which now find the place of pride in the sculptural art of world.  Surya sculpture from Bajaura, Simavahini Durga, Hatkoti, Nidhi, Kangra, Garudasin Vishnu , Nirmand, are some of the master pieces showcased in the galleries.

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